Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Reduce the burdens and worries that staying compliant can put on your business and your staff, while gaining the security of having experts handle it for you.

Compliance Solved

Focus on Your Core Business and Trade Compliance Stress for Compliance Success

Benefits and cost savings of using a compliance-as-a-service offering for risk planning and compliance

  • Reduced compliance costs – Outsourcing compliance activities to a service provider can reduce the need for dedicated internal compliance staff and related overhead expenses. The service provider benefits from economies of scale.
  • Improved efficiency – A dedicated compliance service provider can complete compliance tasks faster and more efficiently than a company tackling compliance independently. This frees up a company’s resources to focus on core business activities.
  • Access to expertise – Using a compliance-as-a-service provider gives access to compliance experts and best practices without having to build that expertise in-house. The service provider stays up-to-date on constantly changing regulations.
  • Flexibility – Compliance needs may fluctuate over time. An outsourced model provides flexibility to scale compliance activities up or down as needed. This avoids costs associated with hiring and turnover.
  • Risk mitigation – Relying on specialized compliance experts can reduce compliance failures and associated risks like fines, lawsuits, and reputational damage. The service provider assumes these risks.
  • Focus on core competencies – Outsourcing compliance lets companies concentrate resources on their core business strengths rather than building ancillary compliance capabilities.
  • Predictable costs – Subscription based and/or annual contract pricing structures allow companies to control and predict compliance costs. This is preferable to unpredictable compliance spending.
Based on the industry, SecureLabs offers a variety of compliance services.
Following are some of the common services.
SecureLabs experts help ensure the organization fully complies with the required regulations, including information security, data privacy and communication compliance

Significant roles on a CaaS team

OK, so you might be interested in compliance managed services. You can expect to have a team of folks to back you up. A SecureLabs team may be comprised of the following roles.


  • Data Protection Officer checks the organization’s data to see if they comply with mandatory data protection regulations such as GDPR and other country-based data privacy laws. 


  • The Risk Manager identifies possible compliance risks of the company and provides and implements risk management activities to mitigate compliance risks. 


  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the head of a company’s information security operation, helps implement necessary controls to protect organizations’ sensitive and private data complying with required cybersecurity compliance regulations. Most organizations’ sensitive data-related activities must go through CISO approval to ensure ongoing compliance. 


  • Management Systems Manager addresses some compliance requirements (like ISO standards), organizations must deploy management systems to administrators and manage all the business processes. The Management System Manager is the one who oversees the activities of these management systems.

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